LINDA FAHEY Ceramic & Design
My focus is to create beautiful and engaging pieces that engender what I think of as dynamic simplicity. I am passionate about the down-to-earth approachable nature of my work whatever the pattern, shape or design.

In continuing to evolve a creative identity; I dig deeper in the search for my own definition of inspiration.

I live near the pacific ocean, it is my constant companion. I spend much of my time on it, in it, or around it; it’s presence keeps me firmly set within the natural landscape. What can I say about the ocean? The ocean is different every minute of every day. Every moment a thousand different colours, textures, and moods are reflected. The sound of waves I hear in the night, spectacular evening colour and light. The ocean is almost always in my sights and never far from my thoughts, it's influence immeasurable.

Fascinated by history, storytelling, poetry, symbols, maps, textiles, pattern, shape & form, the discussion and interpretation of beauty both modern and historic.